4.- 10. 11. 2016   BADHUISTHEATER, Boerhaaveplein 28, Amsterdam


SADiA is annual exhibition project presenting young Slovak fine artists in European metropolitan galleries. After two successful volumes in Vienna and London, this time we moved to Amsterdam, metropolis which basks in multicultural scenery. The main goal of the project is presentation of young Slovak art generation that cannot be simply expressed by content or ideological form but only by visual form.  The project is cross-section of raising young art scenery and its presentation to foreign European public; moreover, it could lead to cross-country cooperation and search for favourers whatsoever.


This year’s volume collection is inspired by Slovak presidency of the EU Council 2016 in comparison with last year’s volumes that comprised subjective views and artists’ preferences. The particular topics of Slovak artists lie within the reflection of traditions, Slovak art message, perception of historical facts, but also within the capture of the current events. Dealing with national identity has become leitmotif of the collection. This collection comprises strong young generation among young unknown figures with big potential. This time fresh alumni stay side by side with artists who have experience from domestic contests like Painting of the year, Oskar Čerpán Award etc.