Tatiana Takáčová is an art photographer living and forming in Košice. In 2013 she graduated from Academy of Fine Arts at The Department of Photography and New Media in Bratislava.
In her photographic works she balances between conceptual and staged photography. Her works are visually clean – preferring the “deadpan” aesthetics and the “directorial” movie approach for developing an accurate composition of each shot. Recently, she has been also devoting to documentary photography, part of which is exposed in the premises of Koniareň Gallery.
In the photographic series in Future Project exhibition author documents and interconnects insights into various European galleries. Nor the architecture of the place or ideal lighting conditions is the bearing element in the picture but the interior. Photogenic potential of such areas encourages the complementarity of the actual scene that cannot be implemented to the place; therefore, she makes a sort of background photos collection to create new images. Another specific element that the artist perceives as an element between gallery inventory and living being in this space are the security guards of the exhibition.